A Taste of Luxury in the Heart of Mother Nature

Join us for the weekend at Columbia Woodlands

Women are busy with many takers of our time. Isn't it time you take some time for yourself?

To increase my impact, I realized that I had to change the way I showed up. It wasn’t just about reading a few books, going to yoga and learning to meditate. I needed to dive into what was holding me back from feeling comfortable in my own skin and believe that I have everything I need to make my impact. I call this: stepping into my light.

Surrounded by the inherent peacefulness of nature, join us on this sprawling 400-acre property as we come together to explore, experience, and connect. This is your time to invest in yourself with practices, techniques, storytelling, and meaningful conversations.

Spring 2019 Together We Seek Retreat

The Spring 2019 Together We Seek Retreat was strategically organized to explore new areas, connect with new women, take in a new location, and enjoy wholesome meals from local culinary talents. Join us as we explore, discuss, and embark together. 

The goal of this retreat is for you to leave feeling refreshed, connected, energized, and ready to have more impact and joy in your life.

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Looking for a Girls Trip with Meaning?

Here's what you can expect when you join us at the this retreat

  • Meet Like-Minded Women

    Get to know other great women who are aspiring for more purpose and meaning in their lives.

  • Explore, Experience & Connect

    Through outdoor group yoga sessions, storytelling, hiking, canoeing, and meaningful conversations.

  • Invest in a Little "Me" Time

    Relax in nature, learn from JJ and others, and take a break from your usual demands.

  • Savor Gourmet Moments

    Enjoy nutritious, artfully prepared, and seriously delicious meals that delight the senses and fuel the body.

  • Unplug & Relax

    Enjoy a glass of wine at the Meadows Pavilion, relax in a hammock, get cozy by the fire, or dip your toes in the lake.

Who Should Attend?

The Spring 2019 Together We Seek Retreat is right for you if you…

  • Want to disconnect from your devices and reconnect with yourself.

  • Need a change of pace from your usual schedule.

  • Are up for travel with interesting women.

  • Want to connect with others on a more meaningful level.

  • Are looking to invest in yourself.

  • Would like to try something different.

  • Are in it for the experience.

Many of us don’t make enough time in our lives to invest in ourselves and align with what’s calling us. If you’re looking for an opportunity to center yourself with what’s important to you now, this dedicated time could be just what you need. If you have questions or are unsure if this retreat for you, please reach out to me or the women that have attended past retreats!

About the Location

Welcome to beautiful Columbia Woodlands in Dover, Ohio

Surrounded by ancient oak trees, wildflowers, Many Springs Lake, and Bluegill Pond, Columbia Woodlands has much to offer us while we are there. Throughout the 400-acres of scenic landscape, you’ll find outdoor fire pits, hiking trails, hammocks, and plenty of cozy corners to curl up and relax in. Whether you’re looking to relax or are excited to explore, there’s something for everyone. Columbia Woodlands seamlessly combines the height of luxury and the inherent peacefulness of nature.

  • 400 beautiful acres of scenic landscape.

  • Various indoor and outdoor accommodations.

  • Personal golf carts provide on-site transportation to the entire resort.

  • Luxury, open-air covered pavilion with outdoor fireplace.

  • 8 miles of hiking trails.

  • Fish, float, swim, or raft at the lake or pond.

  • Complete with plush robes, A/C and heat, a shower, and hot tubs available in some cabins. 

What to Expect

Catch a glimpse of the agenda for the Spring 2019 Retreat: Aligning to More Impact & Joy

Creating space in your life for more joy, love, and light often requires you to make the time. With some focus, connections, and grounding experiences, this retreat can help you take that first step. We’ve organized a variety of activities to help you enjoy the property, connect with other women, and participate in meaningful conversation.

Thursday, April 25, 2019 (optional & additional)

Arrive Early at Columbia Woodlands | by 6 PM
Arrive a day early to enjoy dinner with JJ, a relaxing fireside chat, and the opportunity to reflect, connect, and relax with other early arrivers. 


Friday, April 26, 2019

Arrive at Columbia Woodlands | 1- 4 PM
Meet new faces, take a walk on one of the many trails, find the waterfalls, take a canoe out on the lake, and unwind with the other women.

Check-in to Your Property | 4 PM
Check into your cabin or tent and enjoy some snacks, sangria, and wine before dinner while you get to know other attendees and settle in.

Drumming Circle | 5:15 PM
Complete with drums, fire, and women, this grounding session will connect you to Mother Nature.

Dinner | 7:30 PM
Columbia Woodlands will prepare a beautiful gourmet dinner for us at Rock Path Cabin.

Guided Discussion & Relaxation | 9 PM
JJ DiGeronimo, a writer for Thrive Global, author, and spiritual pilot, will lead an interactive discussion to help you explore areas of impact, identify potential energy blocks, and lead a fire-based release. With years of spiritual exploration, she is excited to unleash her work, findings, and strategies that have helped her bring more purpose, joy, and impact into her life.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

The property has numerous coffee machines, snacks, and sitting areas if you rise early!

Morning Yoga Session | 8:30 AM
Urban Zen Integrative Therapy® classes are the ultimate restorative for anyone recovering from an illness, injury or seriously stressful day. These classes, led by trained Urban Zen Integrative Therapy® practitioners, include restorative poses (relaxing, mostly prone positions, supported by props), Reiki (energy healing work), breath awareness (mindfulness of the pace and flow of your breathing), healing oils for potentially mood-lifting aromatherapy, and meditation. Prepare to melt in both body and mind as you enjoy an energizing outdoor yoga session with a gorgeous backdrop of rolling hills and valleys. 

Breakfast & Fireside Chat | 9:45 AM
Enjoy a delicious breakfast of fresh eggs, yogurt, homemade granola, and fruit.

Check out | 11 AM
Head back to your room to pack up and prepare for the day. 

Stay & Explore | 11 AM - 2 PM
Put your bags in your car and enjoy the various amenities that the property has to offer. Write in your journal, hang out by the fire, and chat with others. Dreamcatcher Cabin will be available to anyone who wants to stay around the property for the afternoon. 

This Retreat is Spiritual and Not Necessarily Religious

While we would love to have all women join us, this retreat will incorporate spiritual practices which may not jive with traditional religious practices. This could include but isn't limited to, meditation, yoga, chanting, and mindfulness practices.

Is This for Me?

Together We Seek Retreats are gatherings created by JJ DiGeronimo to help professional women…

  • Unwind from the demands of life.

  • Meet great women aspiring for more purpose and meaning.

  • Relax in nature with options to engage in group activities.

  • Enjoy the natural gifts of other women attending.

  • Feel nourished from the inside out.